1-count 6 clubs

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1-count 6 clubs's Properties
Alias Name(s)ultimates
Number of Objects6 AsynchronousNo
Number of Jugglers2 HurriesNo


The 6 club pattern without selfs.

Variations - No Selfs

When you throw two doubles you partner has a hold and then the pattern continues (you may also throw only one double, but this results in a self, what we want to avoid):


If you throw only one double while avoiding selfs the pattern somewhat changes and each juggler has synchronous passes from his right and left hand:


While this is pretty easy the way back to the standard 1-count 6 clubs is a lot harder still avoiding selfs you need to throw a single and a double pass at the same time:


Variations - Some Selfs

As noticed before you may also throw one double but then you need a single self right after your doublepass for the pattern to carry on:


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