1-count 7 clubs

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1-count 7 clubs's Properties
Alias Name(s)7 club ultimates, sex
Number of Objects7 AsynchronousYes
Number of Jugglers2 HurriesNo
Global Siteswap7


There's also a synchronous version where one juggler throws singles and the other throws doubles:


Transitions from 2-count

The transitions presented here need no announcement. The partner will note the change in time and can react properly.

This transition into 2-count singles is classic.


Here is another transition from 2-count into 1-count:


Transitions to 2-count

This transition from 7 club 1-count to 2-count singles is from wsch:


Here is another one. The first straight pass works well as a double.


Of course the transition can be started from the other hand to end up in left handed 2-count.

The same transition done by the straight passer leads to 2-count with all passes crossed.


If one rotates this transition by 90 degrees, the crossed 2-count will become 1-count, and the 1-count becomes the crossed 2-count. Actually this transition was found by rotating the second transition from the last section. Unfortunately the first one leads to something which requires an announcement.

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