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56662's Properties
Number of Objects5 AsynchronousYes
Number of Jugglers2 HurriesNo
Discovered byChristophDanielTobias
Global Siteswap56662
Prechac2.5p 3 1 3 3
SequenceP S Z S S


This is a perfect pattern to learn zaps. You can start even easier with 56464:


Colour code the pass to make sure to throw the right club.

Now increase the difficulty of the selfs and keep the pass in shape. Suggestions:

  • Put the self zip back in as shown above in 56662.
  • Perform the zip behind your back.
  • Change the two selfs into heff hold, as shown below. This is 58642 now.
  • Add a flourish on the hold and do the zip behind yourself again.


All the suggested additional difficulties can be done as one time trick in 56644 or 56662, and the two passers can make on their own choice independent from the other one ones.

For more description and context the Zip+Zap article from Christoph in the Kaskade.

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