French 3-count Triangle


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French 3-count Triangle's Properties
Number of Objects10 AsynchronousNo
Number of Jugglers3 HurriesNo
Prechac3p1 4 3
SequenceP S S2



Here is a derivation of this pattern from French 3-count.

  • Start with French 3-count in Préchac notation, which is 3.5p 3 4.
  • Undo the Préchac transformation, i. e. substract half the period from the pass (and cancel "p"). Result: 2 3 4. This is the solo siteswap underlying French 3-count, and it has 3 objects, that is half an object per juggler less then French 3-count.
  • Redo the Préchac transformation for three persons, i. e. add a third of the period to the 2 and annex p1. Result: 3p1 4 3.

"p1" has triple meaning:

  • we did one Préchac transformation,
  • we added one club to the passing pattern, so that we have 3 jugglers times 3 clubs per juggler plus 1 club equal 10 clubs now and
  • this pass goes to the next passer in the sequence, i. e. J1 to J2 to J3 to J1.

Another Préchac transformation upon 3p1 gives 4p2 3 4, has 12 clubs and the double passes head for the second next juggler in the row, as you can see here:


The same procedure can be applied to other patterns, e. g. Why Not?, see Why not triangle and Why not star.

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