Gute Frage


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Gute Frage's Properties
Number of Objects9 AsynchronousNo
Number of Jugglers3 HurriesNo
Discovered byRadieschen


Let us call this 6 throws Block 1 or pattern "1".

After Block 1 the pattern rotates clockwise and continues as pattern "2":


Rotate clockwise after another 6 throws, again, to perform Pattern "3":


One cycle of the pattern 123 is called "Frage". Now follow the blocks 231, and 312 to complete one cycle of "Gute Frage".

This is the time to build greater blocks: A = 123, B = 231 and C = 312. The "Sehr Gute Frage" is one cycle of ABC, BCA and CAB, which are the blocks alpha, beta, gamma, respectively. As you can guess by now, the next pattern "Verdammt Gute Frage" is one cyle of alpha beta gamma beta gamme alpha gamma alpha beta.

The underlying system of these patterns is what I call the "Gute Frage" operation. It means appending the patterns of all passing partners to the own pattern in a defined order. The basic pattern of all "Gute Frage" variations in this text is the pattern which is defined above as "1" (but any global pattern which consists of at least two different individual patterns can be the basic pattern for a "Gute Frage" operation). After the first application of the operation we obtain "Frage", after the next we obtain "Gute Frage" and so on.

I also discovered the following variations: 3 jugglers, 11 clubs (Gute Antwort), 3-count; 5 jugglers, 15 clubs (Guter Stern), 3-count/5-count; 5 jugglers, 17 clubs (Gute Galaxie), 3-count/5-count;

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