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In order to structure the pattern information there are some guidelines in place that should be regarded.


Naming of Patterns

If the pattern has been named by the discoverer, this name should be used as pattern name. No translations or changes what so ever should be applied. For example Martins madness has been renamed to Martin's Madness to reflect his original name.

Number of Objects in Pattern Names

Sometimes it makes sense to have the number of clubs/objects in the title of a pattern. In such cases the word clubs should be used. The pattern name should follow the following structure:

<Name> <#> clubs

For example the following names should be used for such patterns:

  • 3-count 6 clubs
  • Pass pass self 6 clubs

Pass, Self and Zip

Some patterns lack a real name but are named like the sequence of throws of the Jugglers. Such patterns should be constructed in the following way:

<Pass|Self|Zip> <...>

For example:

  • Pass pass zip pass zip
  • Pass pass self

Causal Diagram

When using the Causal Generator for your patterns you easily get a good quality causal diagram. There are some guidelines for the use of causal diagrams. However you may construct your causal diagram as you like, if this better describes the pattern.

Ends with Dotted Arrows

Use the N-Type of throw for the end of your causal. This simply looks pretty.

Use this:


Not this:


Vertical Bars

Please use the dotted vertical bar to highlight the point where the pattern starts again with swapped hands. Use the solid vertical bar where the entire start of the pattern repeats.

For example the basic 3-count 6-clubs should look like this:

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