La Vache Qui Rit


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La Vache Qui Rit's Properties
Number of Objects8 AsynchronousNo
Number of Jugglers3 HurriesNo
Discovered byJonasLisaChristoph
Prechac3p2 3 1 3p2 3 3p1
SequenceP S Z P S P


J3 starts with two clubs right and one left but the left hand club is the first to throw.

Master the P S Z-Triangle with 7 clubs first, to work on P S Z in the triangle position with less clubs. La Vache Qui rit has one additional club, which substitutes every other Zip for a Pass to person one didn't pass ot in the P S Z-Triangle.

La Vache Qui rit is not symmetric with respect to the hands. That means it comes in 2 chiralities. To switch chirality do one period of French 3-count, i. e. P S S2, when you have the club to do so, that is instead of P S P. The other 2 jugglers react with an additional P S Z, when they don't get the club. In a way you're programmed, allthough it takes some time to get used to it.

Possible colour code: 3 blue Selfs, 3 white bouncing passes and 2 red circeling passes. Everybody starts white, blue, red.

If we put one more club into La Vache Qui Rit we end up with the P P S-Triangle, where everybody feeds everyone, aka 3 person 1-count feast.

If you switch all the time, you do French 3-count while the others do P S Z. They can fetch one additional club each and go for French 3-count, too, resulting in a French 3-count Triangle.

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