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While becoming more and more obsessed with juggling and club passing I noticed that the web resources on passing patterns seem to be rather limited. Most of the available resources seemed to be pretty static. While it is still the best idea to exchange patterns and ideas on juggling conventions and meetings, there was no growing information base for passing patterns. Patterns get forgotten and are reinvented. I was collecting heaps of papers with causal diagrams. Impossible to find a specific pattern when searching for it!

When I was talking to some friends it turned out, that having a simple, editable, searchable web application for passing patterns will do the job. Thanks to Jonas who actually helped me to the idea of using a Wiki, to Christoph who started to actively contribute patterns and supported me with his feedback and to WSch who contributed many of his patterns and was a great help in designing the the Causal Generator.

Wiki or no Wiki

With the progress in web based services the first idea was to develop a web application that allows users to document passing patterns. Simply adopting a standard Wiki application was not the most obvious solution in the beginning, but after taking a closer look at the Mediawiki application, it seemed that most of the requirements I had in mind for a pattern information base where already met:

  • Simple editing capabilities for user generated content
  • Structuring of information based on category-trees and tags
  • Version control
  • Arbitrary and extensible semantic attributes for pages
  • Flexible semantic search
  • Web-form based data acquisition
  • Ability to store arbitrary information, not only passing-patterns.
  • Ability to add remote links to other web resources (like articles on Passingdb or [1]).

Causal Diagrams

When I started to feed the first view patterns into the database, I realized that uploading pictures, showing a causal-diagram for a pattern, simply was not very practical (that's what I first thought is sufficient). The causals need to be created somehow. Even if you upload a picture you need to draw it first, scan it and upload it. The result is a collection of different looking (sometimes) bad quality causal diagrams. I decided to write an extension for Mediawiki that allows to generate uniform looking causal diagrams (Help:Causal Generator). Now every Wiki page may use a simple Wiki-markup that is replaced by a causal diagram during page rendering.


This webpage is hosted and administrated by:

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