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Pentameter's Properties
Alias Name(s)Wer hat ein FAX bestellt?
Number of Objects9 AsynchronousYes
Number of Jugglers3 HurriesNo
Discovered byBernhardEvlChristoph
Global SiteswapABC39
Prechac3.3p2 1 3.7p1 3 4
SequenceP Z P S S2


Note that

  • to partner one throws straight and catches diagonal passes or vice versa.
  • the pass after the zip is a little higher than the one before the zip.
  • the first clubs of J1 and J3 are passed clockwise while all the other clubs go counterclockwise, so colour code.

Bernhard suggested to take the 6-handed siteswap of the Why not triangle and to distribute an additional club between the two passes. This made it necessary to rearrange all the throws.

Modulo 5 the global siteswap is 01234, which has two jugglable permutations, namely 02413 and 03142, compare the 4-handed siteswaps 6789A, 97a86 and 7968a.

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