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This property is a string which describes the sequence of throws of a single juggler within the given pattern. The simple format defines only a few different types of throws. Each throw should be separated by a single SPACE character. For patterns where jugglers throw different sequences multiple sequences may be given, only capital letters should be used.

For example for the two jugglers, 6-object, 3-count the sequence property may be:

"P S S"

The only valid throws are:

  • "P": A single pass
  • "P2": A double pass
  • "P3": A tripple pass
  • "P4": A ... pass
  • "S": A single self
  • "S2": A double self
  • "S3": A tripple self
  • "S4": A ... self
  • "Z": Zip

To give another example a valid sequence for the Why Not? pattern may be:

"S2 P Z S P"

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Pages using the property "Sequence"

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1 Count feeding Funky Bookends and Why Not? 10 Clubs +P P S P S2  +, P P P P P  +, S2 Z P S P  +
1-count 5 clubs +P  +
1-count 6 clubs +P  +
1-count 7 clubs +P  +
1-count 8 clubs +P2  +, P  +
1-count against 2-count 6 clubs +P  +, P S  +
1-count against 2-count 7 clubs +P  +, P S  +
1-count feast +P P S  +
14 club French terror feed +P  +, P S S2  +
16 club chocolate box +P P S S  +, P S S  +


2-count 6 clubs +P S  +
2-count 7 clubs +P2 S  +
2-count 7 clubs singles +P S  +
2-count 8 clubs singles +P S  +
2-count against 3-count +P S S  +, P S  +


3-count 6 clubs +P S S  +
3-count 7 clubs +P2 S S  +
332p2 +S S P0 H  +
33p22 +S P H H  +


4-count 6 clubs +P S S S  +


534 8 clubs +S3 S S2 P S3 S P2  +
5551-Popcorn +P S S S S S3 S3 S3 Z  +
56662 +P S Z S S  +
57562 +P P Z P S  +


6789A +S S2 S3 P P2  +
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