Scratch your head


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Scratch your head's Properties
Alias Name(s)Head Scratch
Number of Objects7 AsynchronousNo
Number of Jugglers2 HurriesNo
SequenceP-S2 S2-P


Perhaps not the true siteswap, but <(4xp,6)|(2,2)> <(2,2)|(4p,6)> <(6,4xp)|(2,2)> <(2,2)|(6,4p)> will display the pattern correctly.

There is also an 8 club version. The person starting second throws straight double passes to fit in the extra club, starting with a left had pass first. <(4xp,6)|(2,2)> <(2,2)|(8xp,6)> <(6,4xp)|(2,2)> <(2,2)|(6,8xp)>

The 9 club version has both passing on doubles (or triples, with the first person straight and the second crossing again. <(8p,6)|(2,2)> <(2,2)|(8xp,6)> <(6,8p)|(2,2)> <(2,2)|(6,8xp)>

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