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Hello everyone,

in thinking about creating a video encyclopedia of all the patterns I pass with people around the world I had a thought that I in turn failed to provide an answer for. Therefor I'd like to pose a question to anyone willing to contribute in regards to passing and what defines a passing pattern as "completed" or "stable" etc.

For instance, in solo juggling I find people and trainers to be obsessed with the idea of 100 catches. 100 catches of 6 before learning to do 7. 100 catches with 7 before struggling to do 8. Running siteswaps to 100 catches as a way to confirm for yourself and your audience (if you have one) that you can definitely and without question run this pattern stably.

So the question now is, what is the 100 catches of passing patterns? Is it 100 catches? Is it less? Does it change based on the type of pattern? Sure maybe 100 passes caught is a good goal with 2-count patterns, but when dealing with a 6 club 5 count pattern with 3 different height throws does 100 passes make sense? Perhaps its defined by the number of clubs? Or the number of passes against a number of beats? Perhaps there is no system and when you feel you've got a good run of it, that's it?

I have my own assumptions and ideas about the matter but I'm in search of what might become a universal definition for completing or making stable any 1 passing pattern; and for that I need the passing geniuses of the world.

So? Lay it on me. Best E

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