Tijmen's triangle (8-count)

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Tijmen's triangle (8-count)'s Properties
Number of Objects7 AsynchronousYes
Number of Jugglers3 HurriesNo
Discovered byTijmen
Prechac3 3 3p2 2 sp3 3 1 2 1p2
Sequences s p s p s s s p


The triangles in the causal diagram should be only 2 arrows: a pass forward, and a passed zip (1p) from R to L. In that case, the 1p is always the same club (rainbow club). Unfortunately, on this website I can't draw zips as passes.

In the 3 3 3p part, the pass is always the same club (another rainbow).

Also note that in this pattern, you have a little break at some moments.

If you adapt the duration of the passes, you can obtain a smoother rhythm, in which all jugglers are shifted 1/3 count. This is the social siteswap

3 3 2.667 2 2.333 3 1 1.667

To draw that pattern, I would have to draw zips as passes, too.

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