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Vitoria's Properties
Number of Objects7 AsynchronousYes
Number of Jugglers2 HurriesNo
Discovered byDaniel
Global Siteswap7778686
Prechac3.5p 3.5p 3 3 3.5p 4 4
SequenceP P S S P S2 S2


As Daniel pointed out in a workshop at PO VI this pattern is one of the 4 patterns with period 7 and only single selfs=6/3, single passes=7/3.5p and heffs=8/4 as throws. The others are 7777786, 7868686 and 7786786.

Vitoria was reinvented at EJC 2009 in Vitoria Gasteiz. Here it was realised that you may randomly change between this pattern and Gasteiz with your partner just juggling one of these patterns.

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